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Did you know over 21 million women
in the U.S. suffer with hair loss?

That’s over 40% of the female population!

Most women are embarrassed about their condition, so they rarely speak openly about it; fearful that no one will understand- this is why most women suffer in silence.

For most women “hair” is a valued asset… Her crown and glory- a covering directly connected to her image. When hair loss attacks, it destroys a woman’s confidence, quality of life, steals her femininity and cause depression.

However, there is hope! We offer a variety of treatment options and hair loss solutions to suit your unique individual needs.

About Our Company

Healthy Hair Virtuoso and Hair Loss Expert, Ky Smith, is a Certified Trichologist and owner of Folliclez 360 Salon and Wellness Spa, LLC. She is among the leading top hair care professionals in the industry. With a passion for helping women achieve healthy hair from the inside, out, Kys mantra and health philosophy is “Beauty Begins From Within.”


Ky Smith, THANK YOU!! I have been suffering from, itchy, burning irritated scalp and hair loss for more than 6 months. In less than an hour, during a virtual consultation, Ky pinpointed my problem and let me know exactly what treatments would be needed to restore and repair my hair.

- Sheila M.

I feel so blessed to have found Ky, she has totally transformed my hair, I have NEVER been in such good hands! Not only is she extremely knowledgeable but she also has great customer service.

- Happy Client

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Education on hair loss is very important & I share tons of helpful, FREE information LIVE through Facebook & Periscope!

Sometimes it’s not the lack of trying to fix the problem of hair loss thats the issue. The solution just may be in lack of knowledge. With more than 25 years in the industry and first hand knowledge of my own hair loss, Im passionate and qualified to help you!

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Why address the symptom when you can get to the root? What's your approach to hair loss, is it producing results?


What you don't know can hinder you. There are so many causes of hair loss. Which one applies to you? I know it's confusing, & it's not cookie cutter. I can help.

Our Mission is Our Client’s Progress

My mission is to help women eradicate hair loss by breaking the silence and educating them on the 7 reasons why the could be losing their hair. It is my belief and personal experience that increasing public awareness will empower women to shift their perspective on how they approach hair loss, which will result in a more successful recovery rate.

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Ky Smith specializes in creating the best foundation for healthy hair, starting from the inside, out. Here you find all the latest news, facts, and helpful tools to diagnose and treat damaged hair!