Yes, summer is near!!! What does this mean for your hair?

We all love when the sun comes out. This means more outdoor activities; maybe a dip in the pool, dodging waves at the beach, or simply taking in the UV rays while reading a good book. Which ever plans you have, be sure you’re protecting your skin and hair from the sun by using products that contain UV protection.

Although we love being out in the sun, if left unprotected it can be very damaging to our hair. It will cause your hair to lighten and become dry and brittle. By following the tips recommended below, you can save yourself from irreversible damage.

6 tips to haute summer hair…

1. Trim ends regularly
2. Treat hair to a “Smoothing Treatment” (for UV Protection)
3. Coat tresses with a “Clear Glaze (for UV Protection)
4. Use products that contain UV Protection ( serums, conditioners etc)
5. Wear a hat if you plan to be directly in the sun for long periods of time (golfing, tennis etc)
6. Alternating from silky straight looks to wet/natural looks ( twist outs, Bantu knots, rollers sets etc)