At the tender age of 10 I was the little girl who combed everyone’s hair and I knew I wanted to be a hairstylist. At age 17 I wanted to be the best cosmetologist in the field so I enrolled in cosmetology school. I knew I would only learn the basics in beauty school, so I couldn’t stop there if I planned to be the best. I began exploring advanced education; gaining certifications from industry pioneers like Vidal Sassoon, Dudley, and Goldwell- determined to sharpen my skills and offer my clients excellence.

Although I had become a very skilled hairstylist, there was still a void.

I began to see a lot of women who were affected by hair loss, and I realized that even though I wanted to, I couldn’t help them. I would refer them to a dermatologist whose solution was cortisone injections and or diagnosing it as “over processed hair”. A copay later, my clients were left misinformed and without a solution- I knew this was unacceptable.

Then, one day it hit me too, I had my own experience with hair loss!

I rushed to the dermatologist, who diagnosed me as having Alopecia Areata, and injected me with cortisone shots…. Never once was I advised to seek help from my primary care physician to find the underlying cause. During my quest for the answer, I discovered trichology; the study of hair and scalp disorders. Two years passed before I found the underlying cause to be an autoimmune disease.

You see, hair is a barometer of your health, it’s the window to see what’s happening on the inside of your body.

Before symptoms manifest in your body you can detect it in your hair. My vast knowledge about hair as it relates to the human body saved my life! I have a passion for helping women discover the unknown about their hair loss, and I’ve dedicated my career to educating and empowering women to stabilize their hair loss and restore their health and hair. I saved my hair – let’s save yours!


For the love of hair – Ky Smith fell in love with styling hair at age 10. “I was that girl who wanted to comb everyone’s hair,” she reminisces. “And I still do,” she adds with a laugh. She was first inspired to pursue hairstyling as a profession by her aunt who was a hairstylist. Fast- forward to 2016, Healthy Hair Virtuoso and Hair Loss Expert, Ky Smith, is a Certified Trichologist and owner of Folliclez 360 Salon and Wellness Spa, LLC in Torrance, CA. She is among the leading top hair care professionals in the industry. With a passion for helping women achieve healthy hair from the inside, out, Ky’s mantra and health philosophy is “Beauty Begins From Within.”

A native of Northern California, she moved to Los Angeles in 1997 to build on her dreams to own her own salon. Smith has written articles for Daily Makeover, Black Hair Information, and Bridal Tribe, and her professional work has been featured in publications “Hype Hair” and “Black Hair.” She’s been spotlighted as keynote speaker at KJLH’s Inaugural Natural Hair & Beauty Expo, A Woman’s Voice Of Leadership, The World Trichology Conference and Mentorship Miami Academy.


  • In 2011, Ky Smith founded Styling for the Cure, an organization dedicated to beautifying women who have undergone or are undergoing breast cancer treatment. "It is a way of giving back to the community by using my gifts and the talent God has blessed me with," Smith explains.  "We offer support to the victims and survivors in an effort to uplift women and help rebuild their outer appearance and self esteem. We provide healthy hair and beauty advisement as they recover from the damage of Chemotherapy."   Working with cancer survivors and having a personal experience with hair loss was the catalyst to take Smith's passion for hair care to the next level and study Trichology, the branch of medicine that deals with the scientific study of the health of hair and scalp.
  • In 2012 Folliclez 360 Salon joined forces with Joi Madison a personal trainer and owner of EAT.SLEEP.SWEAT. to launch Fit & Fabulous: Mind, Body, Spirit Challenge'. The competition spanned the course of several weeks and included one-on-one sessions in addition to providing information, motivation, support and resources to women who were committed to making changes in their lives to become wholly healthy; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
  • In 2013 Ky launched "Recover Your Roots", a hair loss workshop to educate women on how to identify hair loss, and stop it in its tracks. Smith's philosophy is, you can't effectively treat hair loss without understanding the underlying cause(s). Recover Your Roots is not just a workshop; it's a movement to eradicate hair loss.
  • In 2015 Smith debuted her first booked titled " Discover The Secrets To Healthy Hair ". Ky states, "this book is the epitome of how to live a healthy lifestyle and grow healthy hair"- she has pinned it as the "Hair Bible".

Ky Smith specializes in creating the best foundation for healthy hair, starting from the inside, out.



A discovery session is an introductory call that provides an opportunity for Ky to gain insight about your hair loss. During this time she will also share her 3-step Strategy to help you understand how she can assist with stabilizing your hair loss and restoring your hair. Once youve decided to recover your roots, its time to upgrade to a 1:1 Virtual or In-Office Consultation to begin uncovering the root of your hair loss.