As we learned in chemistry PH simply means Potential of Hydrogen. A scale that measures the level of acidity or alkalinity in a solution. It is measured on a scale of 0 to 14—the lower the PH the more acidic the solution, the higher the PH the more alkaline the solution. When a solution is neither acid nor alkaline it has a PH of 7 which is neutral.

Water is the most abundant compound in the human body, comprising 70% of the body. The body has an acid-alkaline (or acid-base) ratio called the pH which is a balance between positively charges ions (acid-forming) and negatively charged ions (alkaline-forming.) The body continually strives to balance pH. When this balance is compromised many problems can occur.

Signs of an imbalanced PH are:

  1. Lack of energy
  2. Leg cramps (muscle spasms)
  3. Sore muscles/achy back
  4. Dry/brittle hair
  5. Splitting nails
  6. Weight gain

Your hair and nails suffer because the body can’t absorb the silica ( produces collagen and balances calcium & magnesium) , when the PH is imbalanced. You suffer from leg cramps because your body maybe magnesium deficient, the sore muscles is a result of the body’s inability to excrete lactic acid (exercise is a great way to excrete lactic acid). You may notice weight gain because the body can’t absorb the iodine even though the thyroid is functioning properly.

Stress is the most common cause of an imbalanced PH. Chemicals, antibiotics and an improper diet can also off set your ph as well

Although most people are taking some type of vitamin/mineral supplement, if the PH is imbalanced the body is unable to utilize or absorb the supplement. Ex: studies show that the body cant absorb iron unless your PH is between a 6.0 – 7.0

How do you check PH Balance?

You can purchase PH strips and test yourself in the privacy of your own home. Simply take a strip and swab your mouth for saliva (do this before eating). For the urine test you can dip the strip in the urine. These strips are color coded and easy to read.

How do I balance my body’s PH?

You can balance your PH by eating a more alkaline based diet ( raw fruits and veggies), exercising regularly and taking the proper supplementation. You may also need to detox your body. ( liver, kidneys, intestines etc) .

When your body’s PH is in balance it allows the cells to receive oxygen and produce healthier oxygenated cells. This keeps all overly acidic activity to a minimum and prohibits manifestation of any disease.