Before children are aware of their appearance their parents are.

Your child may have dry, thick, coarse unruly hair that you can’t tame. This prompts you to go purchase a plethora of products that probably won’t work. After trying everything on the market you’re tired and give in to the relaxer, thinking it will yield great results.

When a relaxer is applied to hair it goes through a chemical change that permanently re-arranges the bonds (changing the hair from curly to straight) of the hair.

Relaxers can be great for your hair if they are used correctly. The best way to achieve safe and optimum results is by seeking a hair care professional. However, in my opinion when applying relaxer to kids before they’ve reached puberty it can produce damaging results to their hair.

Just like other life style changes (pregnancy, menopause etc) the body goes through hormonal changes that can impact hair. Hormonal changes can cause the hair to change in texture, color and growth cycle.  Applying a relaxer treatment to children’s hair before the true texture is determined can be detrimental to their hair. It can also be viewed as torture due to scalp irritation (burning) caused by the sodium hydroxide (lye).

Parents please be mindful of this before you make any decisions about your child’s appearance.  Sometimes these decisions can have long term affects (hair loss, scarring) that your child will have to live with for a lifetime.