Are you that person who wishes your hair looked like the model on the box of your favorite hair color or relaxer? What about the model on the commercial advertising flawless, luxurious hair? If this sounds like you, there are a few things you should know before purchasing a “DIY Home Kit.”

  1. Often times the models advertising the flawless tresses are wearing extensions. The manufacturer’s marketing strategy is to target the non-professional or the person that doesn’t frequent the salon. They make you believe that you can achieve the same look at home by following a few simple steps.
  2. The commercial failed to tell you that the model had her hair done by a professional. The professional conducted a “client consultation” that allowed them to access what type of relaxer or color to use on the hair to achieve optimal results. This is something that you are not qualified to do at home before purchasing the “DIY Home Kit,” which usually yields undesirable results and/or damage to your hair.

Unfortunately, these companies continue to make millions of dollars deceiving the non-professional. They endorse mega stars (like Beyonce), with the perfect image, to encourage you to buy their products, by captivating your mind and leading you to believe that “this” will make you look like them. Now you’re running out to the nearest beauty supply in search of their product and you’re at the mercy of the uneducated beauty supply employee that is only interested in making a sale.  Once you have damaged your tresses, a hair care professional has to salvage and correct your mistakes, which can be very costly for you. If you can’t afford to visit the salon regularly, I advise you to seek a professional when you need to have a chemical service performed. This will be a safer, more cost effective way to achieve your desired look.