As a hair practitioner, I’ve had the opportunity to work with all hair types. No matter the texture or style, the ultimate goal is to achieve healthy opulent tresses.

I can recall a time when African American Women didn’t embrace their natural beauty. Now days wearing your hair naturally textured has become a fashion statement. This trend has even been accepted in the corporate world. Women have become more confident and are rocking fro’s, twists, locks,  and suits.

As with any hairstyle, natural hair must be maintained properly. Otherwise, it will become damaged just like hair that has been chemically treated or thermally infused. I’m seeing more natural clients visit my salon due to breakage in the recent months. For some reason, these clients were under the impression that natural hair was “carefree” and didn’t require as much “TLC” because it was “chemical free”. This couldn’t be further from the truth!

Let me dispel the myth that natural hair means “healthier hair”. When you’re wearing a natural style you’re probably manipulating your hair more when it’s wet. Did you know that your hair is weakest when it’s wet? This is because the salt and hydrogen bonds are broken when you shampoo or wet your hair.  The “salt bond” is responsible for the elasticity ( the ability for hair to stretch and return without breaking) and the strength of hair, while  the hydrogen bond” allows the hair to change shape with the aid of water (roller sets, twists, knots etc).  This is why having the right tools is imperative when styling your hair. Always remember to comb your from ends to scalp when detangling your hair, it prevents unnecessary shedding.  Keeping your ends trimmed regularly is important as wells, this helps you retain length as your hair grows.

However you choose to style your hair, professional  maintenance is paramount and go hand in hand with healthy hair. So, does natural hair mean healthier hair? The answer is, absolutely not! Your hair must be cared for no matter what.

A natural hair care tip: be sure to replenish the moisture level of your hair with moisturizing shampoo’s and conditioners, because natural hair

Can easily become very dry and brittle.