With hair loss being a growing epidemic amongst women wearing wigs and extensions, I’ve introduced hair clips to my clients as an alternative method for adding length, fullness, and color. It’s a more temporary method, that doesn’t put tension on your edges and allows your scalp to be free.

Hair clips are attached to your hair with a small comb that’s sewn to the weft of the extension. They are custom made and measured to the width of your head. These temporary extensions are fun and very easy to secure. They’re really excellent if you want a pop of color and don’t want to highlight your own hair.

However, everyone may not be a candidate for hair clips. For those looking to have more coverage due to thinning, or you want something that lasts longer, I wouldnt recommend hair clips. Hair clips are ideal for someone that’s looking for a quick change ( for a photo shoot, night out on the town etc). They can be worn daily, but they dont provide a secure foundation like  a sew-in or hot heads method.

Although the hair clips are a more temporary method, they must still be cared for properly. Be sure to select quality hair to ensure longevity, and shampoo and condition them regularly.