No matter your race, women with overly curly, coarse, hard to tame tresses have been relaxing their hair for years. Relaxer is known for its ability to straighten any texture of hair, if performed correctly it can yield healthy results.

In recent years, many women have chosen to embrace their natural curl pattern and are transitioning out of relaxed hair. With natural hair being more accepted in today’s society, there are a plethora of styles and products available to keep the hair manageable and looking good. However, while some women are enjoying their natural coils, others are transitioning out of relaxer because it has caused an abundance of damage to their hair, but they still desire to have straight hair.

How can I transition out of a relaxer, and maintain healthy hair?

Keeping your ends trimmed regularly will aid in a healthier transition. This is an extremely important piece of the process because the ends of your hair are the oldest, chemically altered, and weakest part of your hair; while the hair growing out from your scalp is the newest, natural, and strongest. As gravity will have it, these two hair textures will battle each other (similar to a tug-of-war), and the strongest hair (new growth) will win. This will cause your hair to shed the weaker hair (chemically altered ends). Trimming your ends and keeping your hair properly conditioned will help ease the process, and you will achieve a head of healthy natural hair faster.

Smoothing treatments are also a great choice when transitioning from a relaxer. This option softens the new growth without altering the hairs natural composition. It will also strengthen the entire hair shaft with its amino acid properties, coat the cuticle, and create a shine.

Will a Smoothing Treatment make my hair straight?

Smoothing Treatments are designed to make the hair manageable by softening (not straightening) the hair, without chemically rearranging the bonds; Therefore, it will not be straight like a relaxer. It will aid in keeping the hair soft, allowing you to use less heat on your hair when styling.

Will it eliminate the shedding process during the transition?

Due to the amino acid properties in the smoothing treatment, the hair sheds less because its stronger, allowing you to retain more hair as it grows.

How do I eliminate all of the relaxer from my hair?

Relaxer permanently rearranges the bonds of the hair from curly/kinky to straight; once  this process is performed, there isn’t any way to reverse it. Unfortunately, the only way to remove relaxer is to cut the hair.

The smoothing treatment can support the integrity of the hair until it’s reached a length where you feel comfortable making the “Big Chop”. As your hair continues to grow, I recommend trimming it frequently until the relaxer is gone.

How often do I need a Smoothing Treatment?

Each person is different, it’s based on how frequently you’re shampooing your hair, the type of products You’re using in your hair, and how fast your hair grows. Typically a person may have to treat their hair every 8wks.

Do I continue using the Smoothing Treatment once I’ve transitioned out of the relaxer?

Continuing with a Smoothing Treatment is optional. If you love how strong, manageable, and shiny your hair is, continue treating your hair. However, if you only used the treatment to infuse amino acids into the hair to keep it from shedding excessively during the transition, you can discontinue use once you’ve completed the transition.