It can be devastating to a person when they discover they’re

losing their hair. The natural thing to do is panic! They’re not thinking straight and tend to be influenced by the infomercials/commercials or ads on the radio that are filled with empty promises. Out of desperation they buy every product on the market without ever being diagnosed, or knowing if that product will work for their hair loss condition. This can be a very costly attempt to remedy hair loss.

When you initially discover hair loss, don’t panic. Try to remain calm and rationalize with yourself to devise a plan of action. This allows one to take control of the situation, creating a sensible regimen that may produce results. Below are a few suggestions that may help you get to the root of the problem.


  1. Seek a specialist that can help you find out why you’re losing your hair. This should entail a series of  test to help determine nutritional deficiencies, your thyroid , iron, and hormonal levels (amongst other things) because these are common causes  for hair loss. Although androgenetic hair loss is the most common form of hair loss, there may be other underlying reasons that may be a contributing factor.


  1. Once the reason(s) for the hair loss has been discovered, be sure that you’re consistent with the recommended treatment(s). It’s imperative that you follow through with your regimen without becoming discouraged because it can take between 3-6 months before you notice any progress. You may find this to be the most difficult part of the process because it seems like there is little to no progress. Remember, the more you change your treatment plan, the longer it may take to see results, and the more money you have to exhaust.


  1. Don’t be afraid to comb or style your hair, this will give you the confidence needed psychologically and socially to keep up with your daily routine in life.

Within reason do what is necessary to attain a sense of well -being.