Recover Your Roots Private Workshop / VIP DAY

Gather 10 of your girlfriends and spend 6 amazing hours with Ky Smith as she takes you on the journey to eradicating hair loss! During your time with Ky she will INSPIRE you with her personal story about overcoming hair loss, EDUCATE you as she teaches you the 7 reasons WHY you could be losing your hair, and EMPOWER you as she shows you HOW to implement her proven 3-Step Strategy that stabilized her hair loss and restored her hair. Each guest will receive an interactive hair loss workbook, a copy of “Discover The Secrets To Healthy Hair” and as a BONUS a microscopic hair and scalp analysis.

Ky believes that hair loss doesn’t have to be permanent. Early detection and effective treatment is key to successfully recovering your roots. Are you ready to gain power over your hair loss? Call your girlfriends and book today!

Note: Travel, hotel accommodations, and venue are not included in the price per person. All arrangements will be charged as an additional fee during time of booking. For more information on booking a private event please contact us.

This workshop is $3997 per person.

Recover Your Roots Hair Loss Live Workshop and Webinar?

Recover Your Roots is an educational workshop developed to increase public awareness on hair loss by helping women understand the 7 causes of hair loss and how to move forward. This workshop teaches on preventing and treating hair loss, and achieving healthy hair from the inside, out- the importance of nutrition and a healthy lifestyle to promote healthy hair growth. In this workshop I will show you how to eradicate hair loss with my proven 3-step strategy that helped me stabilize my hair loss and restore my hair.

After experiencing Recover Your Roots you will have a better understanding of hair loss and be empowered to make educated decisions about your hair loss. This workshop will help you develop a blueprint to eradicate hair loss once and for all.