The pressing comb was invented in France during the mid 1800’s, for mademoiselles with curly hair, desiring to have straight sleek hair like the Egyptian women. In the early 1900’s an innovator by the name of Annie Malone patented the pressing comb,  and it was introduced to the African American culture as an alternative to having straight hair. This tool revolutionized the way African American women straightened their hair, and has since been utilized as the method to tame our tresses.

Although the pressing comb has been a staple in African American households and salons for decades, technology has evolved and there are other tools on the market that produce better results. As an innovative hair care expert, I’m always researching new  and improved techniques to implement  in the salon.

Therefore I use a technique called “Thermal Infusion” to straighten natural and relaxed hair.

What is thermal infusion?

Thermal infusion is a technique performed with a ceramic/tourmaline flat iron to thermally texturize curly or kinky hair. This technique is a temporary way to straighten your hair without permanently rearranging the bonds of the hair with relaxer. The flat iron will silken the texture of the hair and it will last until the hair is shampooed or moistened by perspiration or the environment.

Due to the technology behind the ceramic/tourmaline plating on the irons, it has the ability to distribute heat evenly on the hair, assist with balancing moisture, eliminating frizz, and enhancing the shine. When using the  older techniques (marcel irons, stove heating), the irons are heated unevenly, and you can’t gage how much heat is being used on the hair. In my experience the hair is much healthier using this method.