The WEHL Program is a 3-month health mastery program to support the whole woman as she works to bringing balance within her body to recover from hair loss.

Ky Smith’s beauty and health philosophy is “Beauty Begins Within”. When a woman experiences alopecia its simply a reaction from the body that needs to be interpreted to build a protocol that brings about results. Ky strongly advocates for women to lead a lifestyle that includes “self care”, as not living by this basic principle is one of the biggest reasons why most women suffer from hair loss.

When a woman is plagued with hair loss she is devastated, helpless, and seeking answers- Answers that a product alone cant provide. Instead of the condition improving it only worsens… She may even solicit help from a Dermatologist who leaves her with unanswered questions and filling prescriptions that only address the symptoms. She’s at a loss because she helps everyone with their problems but can’t help herself- she’s a “Super Woman” that can’t find her cape to magically make this go away. Why isn’t anything working? Why is she still losing her hair? Frustrated and dying on the inside, she knows something deeper is wrong. She’s exhausted all other options, and another NO will completely destroy her. She no longer wants to wear weaves or wigs to cover the problem anymore. She just wants answers and results! How does she pinpoint the problem? Where does she go for help?

Well, one thing is for certain, she can’t rely on products that make false promises and/or other treatments that only address the symptom.

Sound familiar? Is this your story? If so…

To stabilize your hair loss and restore your hair and health, partner with Ky Smith – a Certified Trichologist – to ROOT out the underlying cause of your hair loss. In the 3 month Wellness Coaching Program, “Women Eradicating Hair Loss (WEHL)”, you’ll learn the solutions to hair loss and how to interpret the language your body is speaking through your hair.


You no longer need convincing! You know that this is the right path for you and you are tired of the state your hair is in.

During the 6 months in the program you’ll become one with your body and discover the following:

  • How to heal from hair loss holistically
  • What body system(s) are out of balance
  • What nutritional imbalances are keeping your hair cycle off course
  • How to build a blueprint for health and wellness using bio-communication
  • How to receive maximum absorption from vitamin therapy to promote cellular regeneration
  • How to eat for hair growth
  • How to balance your body’s pH
  • How to increase the integrity of your hair
  • How to maximize hair growth and retention
  • How to select products for your hair type and situation and so much more

Say YES to a healthier lifestyle TODAY with WEHL!

You’ll get a 75 minute consultation, 12 weeks of treatment, and several complementary products for just $2497.